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What is ePaper Designer ?

 What is ePaper Designer ?

ePaper Designer is the first website of India that will help Newspaper owners to create an E-Paper PDF File through Mobile, it will help you save time & money, because of its easy work flow.
It have many predesigned themes and blocks, that a user can easily select and move to any particular place.

User can Register online and start working on, It has very user friendly interface, that any one can easily operate. Because of its multiuser features, A Team can easily work on this website.

After Finalizing the complete pages, one can easily export into PDF.

ePaper Designer Website

Features of ePaper Designer –

# Access your data from any where –

Its a website and you can start designing your newspaper from any location, just be online and start designing and save the work. You and your team can easily access the same website with your login information and update it from anywhere.

# No technical knowledge required –

This website has predesigned theme and blocks options so its very easy to understand, If you have Android Phones then you can easily manage this website, Demonstration Videos also available to learn its working steps.

# Design Complete newspaper through Mobile –

Yes, Only through Mobile, One can start designing newspaper, You simply have to login and start customizing your ePaper from anywhere.

# Cost Effective Solution –

Very Cost effective, This will definitely save your time and money both, An average it will cost you only 20Rs. per PDF designing and You can design 08 Pages PDF within 20 minutes of time.

# Easy to learn –

ePaper Designer is very easy to learn, Visit –  Demonstration Video to start designing now.

# Share News instantly –

It have a very unique feature while designing a  page and you can share any specific News or specific article block on social platform.

# Regular Update –

ePaper Designer will keep updating the latest features in regular basis.

# Data Safety –

We have 100% Secure Server and expert developer team, Your data is completely safe with us, No any of your data will be shared with any third party.


ePaper Designer Website

Visit – https://epaperdesigner.com

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