Live Telecast Software.

Wirecast – 
Key features
live broadcasting softwareBuilt by the company Telestream, the Wirecast encoding software enables live streaming to any RTMP destination. This software also supports recording streams locally.

vMix – 
Key features
vMix is a highly powerful encoder. Like Wirecast, vMix supports a wide range of inputs. These include video cameras (view supported capture cards) at up to 4K resolution. The vMix encoding software also supports webcams, audio and video files, DVDs, playlists, PowerPoint, and other sources.

VidBlasterX –
Key features
Next up on our list of encoding software is VidBlasterX, an RTMP-compatible live video production software. VidBlasterX enables streaming to most streaming platforms (including DaCast). The input support and other available features are similar to Wirecast and vMix.

OBS Studio –
Key features
live broadcasting software
Last up, let’s take a look at OBS Studio. This encoding option is a free and open-source live streaming video software package. OBS supports RTMP streaming, switching between multiple sources, capture cards, webcams, chroma key (green screen), video and audio files, and application windows. Though it’s light on features, it’s quite easy to use, even for those new to live streaming. Note that OBS does not support any plugins.

Custom DaCast version of OBS Studio – 
If you’re interested in a free option super easy to set up, we offer a customized version of OBS Studio to our customers. This version makes it easier to directly connect to your DaCast live streaming service account. With this option, you don’t need to manually enter details. Instead, simply login to your DaCast account via OBS to start streaming live in just moments. Learn more with this video:



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